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Rilsan® Fine Powders are unique and durable thermoplastic Polyamide powders, developed for metal coating more than 40 years ago.

Parts are dipped to your specified coating length: No masking required.

​​​Fluidized Bed Nylon Dip Coating

PA11 Nylon Powder Dip Coating

​Our process pre-heats the metal part then dips the hot part into an aerated bed of Nylon powder.  The Nylon melts onto the hot part, creating a hard, durable and wear resistant coating.  Our dip coating process is excellent for parts that require partial coverage because masking is not required.

  • Coating thickness: .2 - .4mm.
  • Abrasion resistance.
  • Toughness and impact resistance.
  • Chemical and corrosion resistance.
  • Weather resistance.
  • Noise, rattle, and squeak reduction by eliminating metal to metal contact.  
  • Low coefficient of friction in contact with metal.
  • 100% biobased origin.
  • Our high speed production line can handle both large and small parts.
  • Hanging fixtures and coating racks are designed and built in-house.

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